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Can I easily expand my off-grid solar system in the future if my energy needs increase?

Yes this is possible, but it depends on the system’s original design and the availability of additional space for new panels and batteries. It’s important to plan for potential expansions during the initial installation. As experts in off-grid installations, Poslec can help ensure your system is sufficient for your needs now and in the future.

How long does it typically take to recoup the cost of an off-grid solar system?

The typical payback period for an ‘on-grid’ solar panel system installation is between 5–10 years. Off-grid solar systems require a bigger initial outlay, so it may well take longer to recoup the cost of an off-grid solar system. However, this can vary depending on the size of the system, energy consumption and the cost of […]

What is an off-grid system and how does it differ from an on-grid system?

As the name suggests, an off-grid solar system allows you to generate, store and manage your own power, completely independently from the grid – no more daily standing charges! Off-grid solar systems are particularly suitable for businesses and those living in remote areas. Typically, a system comprises solar panels, a charge controller, a bank of […]